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Siwa & Figli Accordions in South Africa

In 2014 (or 2015) we came across a new brand of Italian accordions by pure chance. But as the saying goes – “nothing is a coincidence”.

The company has been founded in Belgrade in 1985 by Ivan Stanojlovic, who wanted to realize the goal and the dream of every accordionist: to manufacture a handmade instrument, light in weight and powerful in sound, the desire of the musicians all over the world. The powerful and rich sound, based on production standards of the glorious age of ’60/’70es is the main feature of the Siwa accordions.
“The company soon gain the recognition of the famous accordionists all over the world and won the market with its unique and rich sound. “The first accordion of Serbia” was a popular annual competition exclusively organized by SIWA and open to competitors from all over the world. In the 1990, the founder started to cooperate with Castelfidardo, the world’s city of accordion, where he was buying and selecting the first class raw material for accordions.This method has allowed to the company to change the strategy and move its production and company directly to Castelfidardo, Italy.” 

100% Handcrafted Products

Siwa & Figli accordions are the unique masterpieces of the handmade work.Every small detail is assembled with the highest precision and the highest quality. All this passion toward accordions has made the Siwa & Figli accordions pieces of art and appreciated by the accordionists for their beauty and sound all over the world.

Family Tradition

Siwa & Figli , a family owned and run factory, has entered into the market with a series of excellent instruments, the result of experience and craftsman ability of the Siwa family, who dedicated decades to the accordion manufacturing. Initially, strongly inspired by the Balkan melody and sound, the Siwa & Figli accordions are suitable to any kind of music, considering a wide range of accordion lines and models.

Custom Build Instruments

Siwa & Figli manufactures a wide range of accordions, ready to fulfill any even the most demanding request, even the custom made models in order to give to the musician his own, personalized sound. In order to fulfill the customers expectations, Siwa & Figli put at the disposal its total ability, carefully listen to the request, dialogue continously with a customer in order to creare a desired instrument which perfectly suits to its owner.

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