Weltmeister Cassotto 414


The Cassotto 414 has a special Weltmeister Cassotto construction, that provides a powerful and at the same time mellow sound. This special sound makes it popular among soloists and professional musicians.
The innovative construction allows this model to be the least expensive Cassotto accordion on the market and the lightest in weight of this kind of instrument. 
For this model the Weltmeister factory uses top quality Italian reeds.



Weltmeister Cassotto 414 – 120 Bass

Accordion weight 11kg (without a straps and case)
Color – Black
Right Hand specs
41 keys (F to A)
4 reeds / 11 switches LMMH
Double Cassotto (Special Weltmeister Cassotto technology)
Left Hand specs
120 bass buttons
4 reeds / 5 switches
Red inside with gold diamond design outside a black bellows. 
The accordion comes with leather shoulder straps, bellows protector and hard case.

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