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New Accordions


We often get the question, why do I need to buy a new Accordion if there are so many second hand instruments out there which are still in very good working (playable) condition?
Our answer on this a question is a question – why do I need to buy a new car if there are so many second hand cars out there which are still in very good working condition?

The answer of both questions is very similar – No matter how well looked after a second hand car (or accordion) would be, it will never drive (play) as smooth as a new one. Besides that, there will be many improvements and extra features on a new model.

What about the price of a new car (or accordion)? The answer is again very similar if not the same – new is much more expensive than a second hand but the pleasure and satisfaction of driving (or playing) a new one can never be replaced.

However there’s one difference between new cars and new accordions – when it comes to professional models accordions, comparing with the student / amateur level instruments. Most of the professional models do not loose their value even after decades of playing. And even better – if well looked after a professional model accordion will hardly need any service (tuning etc) for many years. There are many examples like Scandalli Super VI, or Settimio Soprani Artiste VI, Hohner Gola or Weltmeister Supita etc that were built in the 1960/70s and can still sell for substantial amount of money.

Until recently we chose to represent and stock only 2 companies of many still existing and very active Accordion manufacturers from around the world. Recently we have added another 2 brands of new Accordions. We are adding 2 all loved and familiar to the South African public brands and they are Settimio Soprani and Fronalini. 

  • Why Weltmeister? In our opinion Weltmesiter accordions have been for many decade the best value for money Accordion brand. Part of their success is the fact that besides being the oldest Accordion factory in the world which is still in existence,  they work very hard to offer top quality for reasonable price. All their accordions are handmade in their factory in Klingethal, Germany. Their entry level instruments are produced with their own reeds. On the other hand their high range models are all produced with Italian reeds.
    When buying one of those models, you can say “It is like I bought an Italian accordion, made in Germany”.Can you get a better combination? It is almost like a German driver driving a Ferrari. 😉


  • Why Siwa & Figli? After many visits to Castelfidardo, Italy since 2008 and testing many accordions from the top Italian accordions currently produced, we found the Siwa & Figli sound the most appealing.
    But that is not all. They are fairly small family owned and run business and one of the newest Accordions factories in Italy. Their strive for quality and delivery has not been matched by any other company we deal with. Sometimes we have to wait a little longer then expected for an order but when it arrives we can see and hear why we had to wait. Quality, quality and more quality!!!


  • Why Settimio Soprani?


Here’s a gallery of some of the new accordions we have sold through the years.


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