Weltmeister Achat 72


The Best Selling model of Weltmeister Accordions


There are many reasons why this is the most popular Weltmeister model.

The Weltmeister Achat is the all-rounder among Weltmeister accordions.
It gives players plenty of room for creativity with its large tonal range and sound variations in both treble and bass, as well as with its light weight.
The Achat is available with 72 or 80 bass buttons, and is even extendible to 96 bass buttons with the unique standard Weltmeister bass system.
The easy-to-play bi-axial treble mechanics and outstanding articulation round off this model.

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Weltmeister Achat 72 – 72 Bass

Accordion weight 7,6kg (without a straps and case)
Color – Blue Pearloid
Right Hand specs
34 keys (G to E)
3 reeds / 5 switches
Left Hand specs
72 bass buttons
4 reeds / 3 switches
White bellows inside.
The accordion comes with leather shoulder straps and hard case.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 60 × 50 × 30 cm

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