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We have several options. 


Currently all our Accordion lessons are online via Zoom (preferably) or other video call options.

We recently started offering to some of our long term students live lessons in our premises (following the COVID-19 protocols every second week and all other weeks we continue with the online lessons.

We offer price per single lessons for those of you who find it difficult to commit to a regular scheduled Accordion Lessons.
However we recommend regular lessons for achieving best results in the shortest possible time. Most students would go for once a week lessons. If you prefer to try 2 or more lessons per week, please make direct contact with us to arrange that.

We are very proud to inform you that the Accordion Teacher you’d be learning with is the Accordion Maestro (as he is known in Cape Town) Stanislav Angelov. By clicking on his name, you will be taken to his website where you can read more about him. Besides his busy performing career, he has been teaching Accordion since 1991 after his graduation from the Academy of Music, Dance & Art in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Currently his youngest student is 4 years old and his oldest 80 years old.
When we say “All ages welcome” – this is what we mean!

Here are the options you can choose from and our current prices:

Please note that after you book your time slot and date, you would need to click on the button ‘pay now’ to confirm your booking.


4 years old accordion student

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